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Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull Pendant Necklace
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Reviews (4)
  • T****m
    This stainless steel pendant, depicting a Mandalorian Mythosaur skull, is similar to the one that Din Djarin/The Mandalorian carries with him on the show as seen in the season one finale Redemption . The only differences being the size and the chain. Din's pendant is about twice the size and (as far as I know at least) fully sculpted all the way around and is on a black cord which can be easily, and affordably, obtained at any arts and crafts store...I mean, you know, if you really want it to be THAT authentic. The pendant itself is about two inches high from the top of the skull (minus the loops) to the bottom of the teeth and about one an a quarter inches wide at the outer most arches of the tusks and is also concave in the back, probably to ease up on weight. The chain it comes on is very handsome and this makes a perfect gift for the Star Wars (or The Mandalorian) fan in someone's life and it's also an excellent way to show everyone that you have been excepted as an honorary Mandalorian. This is the way!
  • Fi****21
    Great necklace. Quality and detail are awesome. After three months it still looks new. The chain is strong and the clasp spring has not gone soft, it holds necklace together well and has not failed once. The finish of the metal has not suffered any wear even after wearing in the shower. The metal is quality is great it has not bent, chipped or been dinged. Seen other similar necklaces for less money but I doubt they come close to the quality of this one. Although slightly expensive it is well worth the money. I have no doubt it will last a long time.
  • J****d
    The clasp is very small and I have been wearing this necklace for about 2 to 3 months without taking it off it’s just become part of me now and I love it. All those other Mandalorian necklaces do not even compare to this one. This one actually has weight to it and feels really durable.
  • D****d
    Love the medallion it's got that Gun Metal color to it including the chain. Also it's got some weight to it !
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